Wire connection

Push-in connection

Solid wires can be pushed in directly without tools.

Push-in connection

Stranded conductors with ferrules can also be easily inserted without using tools.

Wire connection

Using a screwdriver

Similar to the original CAGE CLAMP ® , all conductortypes can be terminated via a simple screwdriver actuation.

Wire removal

The conductor is removed using a standard screwdriver, like the original CAGE CLAMP®.

Ready-made push-in type jumper bars

The rated voltage of the factory delivered push-in type jumper bars is 800 V.


The unique “plug and socket“ design of the push-in,comb style jumper systems allows the full rated U600 V

current of the terminal block to be applied.The dual jumper slots offer more flexibility. Testing accessories flexibility. Testing accessories

Custom made push-in type jumper bars

Jumper contacts can be removed
using pliers. Appropriate marking
is possible on the top of the
jumper. The rated voltage
is 500V. This applies for
Series 2001, 2002
and 2004.

Commoning with step-down jumpers

The spring-loaded jumper system allows commoning
of two adjacent terminal blocks of different size using a
standard jumper. This way, it is possible to jump
over a cross section size.
Special step-down jumpers can be used for even
greater leaps.



cross section

2001  / 2002  / 2004  / 2006  / 2010  / 2016
AWG16/AWG14/ AWG12/AWG10/ AWG 8 / AWG6
(1.5mm2/2.5mm2 / 4 mm2  / 6 mm2   / 10 mm2 / 16mm2)


The spring-loaded jumper system is suited for testing accessories like testing taps and test plug adapters as well as modular TOPJOB®S connectors.

Testing tap

Testing tap suited for series 2001 to
2016. Individual test wires up to AWG 12 (2.5mm2) can be connected without using any tools.

Test plug adapter

Test plug adapter for 4 mm/0.157 in Ø plugs suited for series 2001 to 2016.

Modular TOPJOB®S connectors

Modular connectors with CAGE CLAMP®S technology offer an additional connection option. The connector is equipped with a 2mm/0.079 in Ø or 2.3mm/0.091 in Ø test socket. Additionally, terminal blocks can be skipped using spacer modules.

               The TOPJOB®S series offer three marker
             receptacles for WMB or miniature WSB cards.
               The center receptacle allows the use of a continuous marker strip. The marker receptacles of terminal blocks from AWG 14 to 8 (1.5 mm2 to 6 mm2) as well as AWG 6 (10 mm2) and AWG 4 (16 mm2) are at the same height so that one single marker strip can be used for different terminal block sizes. Marking is done using both a thermal transfer printer and WAGO‘s Smart Designer software. Apart from continuous marker strips, the printer is also suited for printing WMB markers on roll.